About West Africa Beaded Slippers:

The most common thing about African beaded slippers in West Africa is that they are beautiful and stylish because of the colorful nature of the bead work and time incorporated to it. It’s very comfortable to wear especially during the summer outdoors or in-doors at home, office or to any special events which happens indoors.

This product is durable because of the materials used in designing them, high quality, they come in variety of designs for instance the beaded velvet slippers or the oriented beaded slippers and most importantly compliments many outfits and especially Beaded Bags.

For instance, you could pair them up with a pair of jeans, dress and or beaded bag for a casual look. A lot of work and time is involved in designing them and you should therefore expect to buy a worthwhile product that will be worth every penny in the long run.

Please check our beaded bags available for sale for some of our finest beaded slippers paired to them.

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